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🤭Have fun with your virtual partner.

🎮Use the joystick to navigate inside the room, the x button to speak, and the b button to interact.

👫 You want to be a waifu, you want to be a husband, select your character and go out to the city to interact with people, find your partner.

💺Interact with objects on the map together with her.

🏃<2MASCULINE>♀️ Tell her to follow you and she will if you earn her trust.

🍎🏀⚽💸 Earn money, collecting and selling objects in the store that is next to the city, playing basketball, or playing soccer.

⌛Test the new multiplayer beta


🔧⌛Among more positive comments we can improve the game more and thus, achieve what the player, you. Have what you want. To a perfect game.

🔞The game does not contain sexual content, it is against the rules.

⏳Game still in development: The game has many updates ahead of it.

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GenreSimulation, Visual Novel
TagsAdult, Anime, Erotic, Life Simulation, sex, Virtual Pet, waifu

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